Without compromise, as a leading Lake Minnetonka Realtor Team, The Sarenpa Team strives daily to set the standard of service excellence, helping our clients buy and sell extraordinary properties in the Lake Minnetonka area since 2001. The Sarenpa Team benchmarks their standards against the most effective and cutting-edge real estate education and best practices in the country. The Sarenpa Team has the expertise to make any Lake Minnetonka area real estate dream a reality.

Our Mission:

Our primary focus in life is to live in such a way that God, our family, and our loved ones would be proud. We strive to add value to our clients by honoring their real estate goals, providing solutions, and offering choices and consultation with energy, enthusiasm & the highest level of technical expertise. It is always our goal to thrill our clients with service beyond their expectations. Business-wise our integrity will always be our staple in this industry. After an experience with The Sarenpa Team, our clients will realize that their best interests and well-being truly came first. They will know that no stone was left unturned in our attempt to accomplish all of their real estate objectives. Even if we disagree, they will understand that our recommendations are our sincere professional solutions to their real estate problems. Ultimately, our clients will appreciate that our main goal, besides helping them achieve their real estate goals, is to make them ecstatic about their real estate experience that they become ambassadors of goodwill and are compelled to refer The Sarenpa Team whenever anyone mentions real estate.